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Episode 151: H.3 – Shadow Play – The Kalashtar (Part 4)

The party confronts the shadowy monstrosity that has possessed the inn before getting down and taking care of the... a... source of the problem. Special Guest: Florian Schwarck

Episode 150: H.3 – Eclipse – The Kalashtar (Part 3)

Zanatari learns some information about Karull, true or not, from the Keeper of Memories while Sezzur and Karull go off to share a beer. Special Guest: Florian Schwarck

Episode 149: H.3 – Karull – The Kalashtar (Part 2)

Zanatari and Sezzur meet a half-orc named Karull within the Kalashtar city. Special Guest: Florian Schwarck

Episode 148: H.3 – Zanatari Mnemonic – The Kalashtar (Part 1)

Zanatari and Sezzur reach the homeland of the Kalashtar at last. Before the two road weary travelers can enter the canyon, they must first deal with two interesting Kalashtar. A special thanks goes out to Ubisoft's Simon Davis (Design Manager: Ghost Recon Phantoms) and Harry Kashouli (QA Lead: Just Dance) for playing NPC characters in tonight's episode! DM Note: Due to Sezzur being on vacation in real-life, the story that was shaping up in episode 147 was placed on hold in order to accommodate our special guests. I'll probably be returning to the story within the next couple of weeks.