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Episode 156: H.3 – Hey Foxy, What’s Ursine? (Special Episode)

This special episode picks up the evening where episode 147 left off because Karull's player was not available to record. Closing this loose story thread will allow the three players to move on with a new story line. Sezzur and Zanatari's persuit of the cloaked figure pays off!

Episode 155: H.3 – Hot Coals in the Dark Forest

The party ventures forth either in search of further adventure or a needed vacation. What they get is a visit from two old enemies and introduction to something crafted which may help or hinder their progress.

Episode 154: H.3 – Crazy Karull – The Kalashtar (Part 7)

The Kalashtar storyline draws to a close as the party learns about Karull's darker side. The events cause questions about Karull's fate going forward to be asked. Special Guest: Florian Schwarck