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Episode 142: H.3 – Side Quest 1 – Gep and Judy

- Special Side Quest Episode - Today we spy upon a most interesting day at Zanatari's church in Winterhaven. Priest Judy and Guard Gep bear witness to the arrival of the dragon's Emissary and Its entourage of various lizard-folk prior to the arrival of the party (in episode 139).

Episode 141: H.3 – Hissy Fit

For Pi Day we give you a special 3.14 version which has two episodes in one. The party is introduced to the cloaked figure standing in the middle of the Winterhaven church dedicated to Zanatari's deity! Is It a friend or foe?

Episode 140: H.3 – Stay Awhile and Listen

This is a special episode where members of the cast take turn telling a story or two from the Kalishtar hive memory. A lot has been happening recently and it has Zanitari pondering her people.