Episode 132: Macho Black Future ’88

Don Bellenger talks about indie game Black Future ’88, takes community questions and spends an inordinate time talking about the book Macho Sluts. Think Geek Modern Icons Vault Girl is showcased way before the conversation.

Black Future ’88: https://www.blackfuture88.com/

ThinkGeek – Vault Girl: https://www.thinkgeek.com/product/ktgn/#tabs


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Episode 131: 2019 CES Wrap-Up

Tushar Nene from Technical Fowl and CEO of Near The Sun talks tech and gaming from the show.


Episode 130: Fling to the Finish

Jenesee talks to the Indie Studio SplitSide Games about their addictive co-op platformer, pursuing your design dreams, and creating instant team pride.
The team includes:
Ryan McMahon, Designer & Producer
Utkarsh Dwivedi, Programmer
Matt Quaschnick, Programmer
Ben Spurr, Artist


Episode 129: Video – Semblance with Nyamakop

Ben Myres and Sugar Kimani talk to Jenesee about their upcoming indiegame launch in this Good Shepherd Entertainment publisher episode.


Disclaimer: Previously done for Good Shepherd Entertainment on their YouTube channel.


(08/02/2018 – The file size of the video has been drastically reduced. – Tinzien)

Episode 128: Video – Interview with graphic artist Walter Costinak

Hear Walter’s story of renown logo and brand development in the gaming industry, his struggle with mental illness and his new start. Working with companies like Unreal, ID Software, GameSpy, Epic Games and more he was at the top of his game. New Year and new starts for him.

Find his work here: https://2design.org/


Episode 127: Video – Where the Water Tastes Like Wine


Jenesee is boosting the bandwidth on the PC video game “Where the Water Tastes Like Wine” with an interview she conducted with Johnnemann Nordhagen from Dim Bulb Games. The pair talk about American History, game development and QA questions.

Disclaimer: Previously done for Good Shepherd Entertainment on their YouTube channel.