Episode 135: Convention Season Ends

Jenesee and Tushar Nene from Technical Fowl recap our best games and share Seattle travel tips.


Flashback Greatest Hits – Journey

The industry is going through a rough time. Let us remember something positive and listen to this episode of That Game Company talking about my favorite game, Journey!

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Listen to the episode HERE

Episode 134: LVL 3 META Backpack Review

Jenesee reviews META Threads gear from E3 and shares info about PAX West.

Link to the META Threads Store


Episode 133: Nicholas McDonnell Interview About Feather

Jenesee talks to Nicholas McDonnell, Director / Biz Dev / Designer for Samurai Punk. We discuss the launch of Feather, games in Australia, difficulty in video games and our relationship with guns.

Grab the game on Steam or Nintendo Switch: Samuari Punk Games List


Episode 132: Macho Black Future ’88

Don Bellenger talks about indie game Black Future ’88, takes community questions and spends an inordinate time talking about the book Macho Sluts. Think Geek Modern Icons Vault Girl is showcased way before the conversation.

Black Future ’88: https://www.blackfuture88.com/

ThinkGeek – Vault Girl: https://www.thinkgeek.com/product/ktgn/#tabs


Salutations and Whoooops!

Hi everyone!

Surprising, the cast is still alive, just very busy but missing everyone.

I (Tinzien) encountered an issue where the site was blank if you tried to access it via a non-mobile browser after the last WordPress upgrade. This was due to an issue with my theme and I was not able to discover the hack that got things working again until this evening.

Anyway, the site should be good to go again.



Khayal-e-oo Manam Mehve