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Episode: 138: Until You Fall

Jenesee speaks with Dave Bennet, Project Director, and Patrick Jalbert, Design Director, at Schell Games about VR, motion sickness tech, and design from the game “Until you Fall”



Episode 129: Video – Semblance with Nyamakop

Ben Myres and Sugar Kimani talk to Jenesee about their upcoming indiegame launch in this Good Shepherd Entertainment publisher episode.

Disclaimer: Previously done for Good Shepherd Entertainment on their YouTube channel.


(08/02/2018 – The file size of the video has been drastically reduced. – Tinzien)

Episode 128: Video – Interview with graphic artist Walter Costinak

Hear Walter’s story of renown logo and brand development in the gaming industry, his struggle with mental illness and his new start. Working with companies like Unreal, ID Software, GameSpy, Epic Games and more he was at the top of his game. New Year and new starts for him.

Find his work here:


Episode 127: Video – Where the Water Tastes Like Wine


Jenesee is boosting the bandwidth on the PC video game “Where the Water Tastes Like Wine” with an interview she conducted with Johnnemann Nordhagen from Dim Bulb Games. The pair talk about American History, game development and QA questions.

Disclaimer: Previously done for Good Shepherd Entertainment on their YouTube channel.



Episode 126: Perception is King


Jenesee speaks with Bill and Amanda Gardner, Founders of The Deep End Games, on their award-winning project, Perception. Blind protagonist Cassie uses her unique senses to explore her haunted past in a psychological thriller or horror. We talk about senses, disabilities and underestimated heroes.

Audio Version 

(Deathd4) Episode 198: H.5 – Face to Snout

Red Dragon looming over lone city defender

Sezzur gets into a semantics fight, Zanatari becomes the first plate & mail wearing rogue, Karrul collects roof shingles, and a dragon is somehow involved in the fiasco. Yup, Summer is over and we’ve returned! Audio issues killed the opening and closing of the podcast.


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Episode 124: Sumo in the Big Planets/ Post Pax East

Seb Liese & David Dino, both developers for Sumo Digital, and Tom Davis from Plan of Attack join Jenesee after Pax East to talk about Snake Pass, Little Big Planet 3, and the Unreal Engine.

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