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Episode 137: Mental Health Series: Eve Crevoshay

Eve Crevoshay Executive Director of Take This joins Jenesee to talk more about the mental health ramifications of a video game launch for developers and how we can all practice good self-care.


Episode 180: H.4 – Statues of Flesh

Exploration of the Sezzurorium continues professionally at first but then dissolves into the usual mess when a number of unusual messes are discovered.

Episode 179: H.4 – Discoveries & Dryad

We lost three episodes since Episode 178 due to technical issues so this episode starts as a recap and then moves forward as the party continues their exploration of Sezzur's vault. Zanatari also confirms that she has poor translation ability.

Episode 178: H.4 – The Tinkerer of Au

After a period of brief investigation, Sezzur gets to bask in his own golden glory.

Episode 177: H.4 – Stab Club

The party explores deeper into the lizardman settlement and comes across an activity that is either justice or a cultural exchange program.

Episode 176: H.4 – The Deity of Ill Considered Actions

Karull and Zanatari head into a nearby lizardman settlement to dispose of a corpse and to get some spices. In some ways they are closer to home than they think.

Episode 175: H.4 – Plainswalkers Revealed

Zanatari gets her chance to pepper the Green Dragon Empress with questions while Sezzur seals a deal. A gratefull Empire also demonstrates that it's not cheap when it comes to paying the hired help. And no, I have no idea what Jenesee was thinking when it came to the opening music selection.