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Episode 11: H.1 – Recap

This week Tinzien and I refresh ourselves on where we are in the campaign and recap our character's evolutions so far.

Episode 10: H.1 – Nimbecile

This week we equip ourselves in town and meet a time traveling mage called Nimbus without his Delorian.

Episode 9: H.1 – Where is the “good” in Goodbye

This week we return to the town of Winterhaven for some character building exercise and trustfalls. We say goodbye to Bortim and move onward toward our main quest. Guest Player: Eric Kuldar Droth

Episode 8: H.1 – D4 on the 4th

This week we battle a vicious Worg and his master the Shaman Gnoll Leader! Will we retain our independence and survive? Guest Player: Eric Kuldar Droth