Archive for August, 2011

Episode 16: H.1 – Dragons and Wizards, and Rogues oh my!

Introducing two new characters to the mix, we continue our journey into the depths of the keep where we encounter a dragon!

Episode 15: H.1 – Into the Good Night (Part 2)

We conclude our two part episode with a battle, lots of frustration and regrets.

Episode 14: H.1 – Into the Good Night (Part 1)

This week we get a little silly, open some traps and start a life changing battle.

Episode 13: H.1 – Pain is in the Details

We spend time on camp details, move into the Keep and encounter our first goblins.

Episode 12: H.1 – The Journey Begins… for Real

We finally leave Winterhaven and head for the Keep. We say goodbye errr, err leave a note for Eldrok and have an encounter along the road.