Archive for September, 2011

Episode 20: H.1 – We shall call him…Steve

We finish our battle with the Hobgoblin Torturer, find out pain is the drink of choice, and meet a new creature.

Episode 19: H.1 – Goblins, Rations and Iron Maidens

We flee the dragon room and encounter some choices, whats behind door number 1? Goblins, rations, and Iron Maidens oh my!

Episode 18: H.1 – Thorn in my Side

Bosc wanders off to look at rocks while Deros interrogates a goblin survivor. We hear Sezzur's story and Zanatari gets "friendly" with Thorn.

Episode 17: H.1 – Rage Against the Roll

This week Opey (Bosc) takes revenge when we battle some goblins and are joined by new friends.