Archive for October, 2011

Episode 25: H.1 – Panache

Zanitari has a wisdom fail that leads to an unpleasant encounter and pain for Thorn. Outtakes from this session are located at the end of the recording!

Episode 24: H.1 – Sigils of Doom

We open the runed door and try to flee the boss's chamber when our clumsiness has some unexpected results. Also stay tuned for outtakes at the end of the episode!

Episode 23: H.1 – Fat Loot

We position ourselves to battle Balgron the Fat and fight for our right to loot!

Episode 22: H.1 – Bert and Easy

We sneak around, lock some doors and discover a new item of power that orbits and cleans a dirty mouth.

Episode 26: H.1 – Reputation and Honor

We flee the zombies through corridors and scrap with shadows looking for an escape. Will courage lead to a spectacular death?

Episode 21: H.1 – Journey of Trust

After finding a bit of space to rest and recover, we follow the advice of "Steve" who appears useful and head further into the dungeon toward known dangers.