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Episode 33: H.1 – The Day of the Tentacle

We enter the final section of Shadowfell Keep and begin battling the portal minions and a giant hand.

Episode 32: H.1 – It’s Electric!

Thorn pushes the button and horrible things happen but later on his karma pays him a return visit. We gear up to enter the next room and prepare for the final battles in the Keep On The Shadowfell!

Episode 31: H.1 – Flick the Switch

We rediscover an old friend in the Keep, make our way toward the Rift and try to hold Thorn back from wrecking havoc.

Episode 30: H.1 – Apologies

Our beast of a DM falls asleep mid-sentence a few times after being up for 24 hours while we defend ourselves against slimes. To top it off, Zanitari gets sarcastic.