Archive for January, 2012

Episode 37: H.2 – Nah Nah What’s our Name

We do a wrap up and update on our characters for the month in time that has passed in Winterhaven and prepare to move into our next campaign.

Episode 36: H.1 – Sack Race of Death : Part 2

We conclude our last boss battle and return to town, will we conquer the keep or succumb to the darkness at last?

Episode 35: H.1 – Sack Race of Death : Part 1

We come to the 1st part of the conclusion of our campaign and discover what repercussions we face from our battle with the first portal. We also discover more awaits us in the pit below.

Episode 38: H.2 – Let Me Read My Paper

We introduce Kevin and the characters converse in Winterhaven until a surprising disturbance.

Episode 34: H.1 – Never Share Your Rod with Strangers

We enter a large room and fight vampires and brutes. Thorn has a terrible choice to make... one that could affect the world or just his next five minutes.