Archive for March, 2012

Episode 46: H.2 – YeeHaw Spider

We open the box while Thorn rides haphazardly through the countryside and the town explodes. Also Jenesee reads limericks for her birthday while Kevin sings.

Episode 45: H.2 – Paragorn, King of Idiots

We experiement with some skill checks, placate a giant spider, continue the birthday sing-a-long, and you get to stop wondering what happens when Glee meets DnD! Listen and find out!

Episode 44: H.2 – Madness, Thy Name is Jerry

A special guest from Turbine, DDO Community Specialist Jerry Snook joins us as we battle Fluffy, The Horrifying Giant Spider.

Episode 43: H.2 – Lumiere Cosboid

We fight a reanimated terrifying wax figure, encounter a gigantic spider and Mydhryn goes mad!