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Episode 52: H.2 – How Low does your Cowl go?

The lost episode: We fool the drow, interrogate prisoners, find out what it is like when a deity gives the prisoners a middle finger, talk with spiders, and have an epic field charge or two.

Episode 51: H.2 – We’re So Mean

We conclude our town buisiness at the shrine and tavern and head after Thorn, where we constantly pick on Daniel and treat him meanly. We love you man, we are sorry :(

Episode 50: H.2 – Timey Wimmey

The Time Tower decides to pull a Dr. Who and mess with the space time continuum. This episode celebrates the epic 1980's metal album covers with such hits as "Hey is that my Stick" and "Battle Cleric gets a Blacksmith's Son".

Episode 49: H.2 – Marlas Fate

We travel back into town with Mydrhryn looking for his stick and discover more dark crimes and death.

Episode 48: H.2 – Recap with Rabb1t

In our second special episode, Rabb1t takes clips of this seasons previous episodes and creates a recap of the story so far. Yay fan based submissions!

Episode 47: H.2 – Hearts on Fire

Winterhaven burns while Thorn trys to regain control of Fluffy. Sezzur and Zanitari have much bigger issues to deal with while Mydthryn makes a disturbing discovery at the Temple of Pellor.