Archive for May, 2012

Episode 57: H.2 – I Just Want to See It

We chase Thorn and the bomb through town and discover the bomb's secrets.

Episode 56: H.2 – Recap with Rabb1t #2

A special thanks to Rabb1t for taking the time to do a recap covering episodes 47 to 54.

Episode 55: H.2 – Throw the DM from the Train

We cut loose with silliness, the DM falls asleep so we drive the bus off the cliff. Thorn tries to save Acolyte Jeff and Zanitari's shrine from a bomb... or something like that.

Episode 54: H.2 – Happy Birthday Reunion

The party meets up and we catch up on our events together. We also celebrate one year of D4, Daniel's birthday, and the release of the Death D4 CD!

Episode 53: H.2 – Mirror | rorriM

Sezzur and Sezzur have a tet a tet to talk about the future of existence and learn some startling info about the party. Future zanitari joins in.