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Episode 65: H.2 – Private Confrontation

We examine the giant and wolf, Thorn channels Dekard Cane, and some interesting items are discovered.

Episode 64: H.2 – Gradually in Danger

We travel on and encounter a very odd flock of sheep with a Giant Shepard and Wolf. We also recite some epic poetry for Friday the 13th.

Episode 63: H.2 – Vajazzling Dungeons and Dragons

We engage in a battle with Orcs, Mydthryn is grievously injured and actual storms punctuate the fight.

Episode 62: H.2 – The Thornstar

We examine our weapons, mess with the cairn and Thorn causes more trouble that results in an explosion right before we get attacked.

Episode 61: H.2 – Reading Rainbow…of Death

We finally leave town and discover a deserted cairn. Zanitari explores holy places while the guys discover new loot.