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Episode 69: H.2 – All that Glimmers…Slurp, Slurp

The party is taken to a place where their merits are weighed, where their desires are catered to, but also somewhere that makes the hair on the back of their necks tingle.

Episode 68: H.2 – Filler Thriller… yeah, hm..maybe

Mydthryn was absent in real life so the party kicks around outside of the Seven Pillared Hall and checks out the minotaur city's gates.

Episode 67: H.2 – Recap Recon

Rabb1t creates another recap for 57-66 to catch you up before we start the Minotaur City part of the campaign.

Episode 66: H.2 – Animality

We encounter the Minotaur guardians and move into the city. Will we prove our worth?