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Episode 73: H.2 – Come get Some!

We travel back outside and tragedy ensues. Thorn invents swearing with a massive critical one and Zanatari learns about applied area of effect theory with destructive results.

Episode 72: H.2 – Raise your Flag

We move further into the city, visit the loom, get a special flag and Thorn diplomacizes a chair.

Episode 71: H.2 – Deeper

We have to make a trade to enter further into the city and we learn much more about each characters motivations...or do we?

Episode 70: H.2 – Origami Unfolded…Slurp, Slurp

Some members of the party come to understand that all which glitters may instead just glisten with slime. Is there a sense of revulsion or just a realization that one might not have to be human to understand guilt.