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Tidbit #1 – Sezzur’s Solstice

Sezzur's Solstice Story from Episode 87 was so good that we had Rabb1t add some music to it and release it as a tidbit.

Episode 88: H.2 – Ground Work

Sezzur spends a lot of time on his back, and not the way he usually likes it, when some Drow attack the party.

Episode 87: (Holiday Special) The Thorn-ch who Ruined the Solstice

We celebrate the holiday with a new spin on a classic tale and step outside of the story.

Episode 80: H.2 – Designation Razor

We encounter a warforged left behind and engage in a epic battle for survival.

Episode 86: H.2 – Umber Umber Umber Umber Hulk Rawr

We rejoice as Fluffy rejoins us and find ourselves facing an new and mighty enemy.

Episode 85: H.2 – He Returns

We fiddle with our new companion and prepare to face the shadows and the incoming darkness. What could it be?

Episode 84: H.2 – Razor Resurrected

Once he was warforged, but now Sezzur might reforge Razor into a pet. The party takes a leap of faith.