Archive for February, 2013

Episode 97: H.2 – Putting the LOL in Lolth

We pack up our stinky camp and wander through hidden passages that lead to treasure of all kinds.

Episode 96: H.2 – Rock You Like a Hurricane

We encounter an elemental that wants to bond with Thorn in some unusual and painful ways. We abandon any remnants of subtlety.

Episode 95: H.2 – Be My Shorty

We recap the loss of Episode 94 and have some questions of our purpose. Thorn gets sweet with Zanitari and barriers fall.

Episode 94: H.2 – NO EPISODE

The audio recording for this episode was corrupted beyond use. This is a placeholder entry ONLY.

Episode 93: H.2 – Eat me, Drink Me, Bite Me

Thorn discovers some interesting magic and plays around with science.