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Episode 101: Interview – Insights of Elf and Artificer

Tinzien conducts an interview with Sezzur and Sabre's player in an effort to gain further insights into the characters they play.

Episode 100: Interview – Lies! It is not Technically 100

Tinzien and Thorn talked to two of our amazing fans, Lisa (@grimorde) and Phil (@pilif), about the show while we're on a short recording vacation.

Episode 99: H.2 – Oh No She Didn’t!

Thorn and Zanitari continue to battle over the chest while Sezzur takes the back door and Sabre surprises us all.

Episode 98: H.2 – Standoff

Two members of the party undertake an exciting ritual to the goddess Lolth in order to try and open a cache and a betrayal takes place. Dont forget to keep listening for our usual outtakes at the end.