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Episode 108: H.2 – Lemmings Among Us

We go down into the city, destroying it slowly, encounter some refugees and an unexpected enemy.

Episode 107: H.2 – That’s Just Grate

We make our way down the ladder and discover our hardest choice yet as we face the destruction of a race.

(Episode 106: H.2) Tidbit #2 – Rabb1t’s Recap of Episodes 85 to 99

Rabb1t helps our new listeners catch up with a large recap!

Episode 105: H.2 – Shock and Awe

We get a final result on the transformation of Bert. In addition, there are some very shocking, surprisingly epic changes and story from Thorn.

Episode 104: H.2 – Ping Pong C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker!

The party starts to pick up the basics of interacting with the Sphere of Annihilation just before Bert goes Super Saiyan with the power level of over d4!

Episode 103: H.2 – Singular Sphere of Awesome Awesomeness

(Our 100th Story Episode Hurray!!) Actions have consequences, and in this case the party finds out that Lolth really likes to emphasize things with singularity clarity.

Episode 102: An April Fools Hot Mess

We attempted an April Fool's day episode based upon the 1964 Scooby Doo cartoon but yeah, got this instead.