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Episode 111: H.2 – Grumpy Explorers

Sezzur is not present due to real life so the rest of the party explores and interacts with what is left in the Underdark cavern. Zanatari and Thorn continue their rocky road by climbing on rocky blocks. Sabre tries to get a handle on the Drow refugees.

Tidbit #2: Squaring the Round Table

In this tidbit (i.e. non-story episode), the Death D4 cast, minus Zanatari, get together to have an informal round table about the podcast and RPG's in general.

Episode 110: H.2 – Things That Aren’t What They Seem

Sezzur meets with an old God of his own and the rest of the party reunites to assess the disappearance of the first one.

Episode 109: H.2 – Winkey Face

We find out what mischief Thorn is up to with the Rod of Orcus and learn where Sezzur has matriculated to.