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Episode 131: H.3 – Eyes in the Gloom

The party catches their breath and recovers Thorn from a tree following the destruction of the Ziggurat. However, peace is a fitful thing and soon they find themselves being possibly stalked in the woody tundra.

Episode 130: H.3 – (Holiday Special) Claus Ex Machina

This is a special, non-continuity, holiday episode where Thorn's player takes over as DM for the night! The party, including a new face, joins the fine folk of Winterhaven in celebrating the unveiling of a technological marvel. Before long the group find themselves speeding through the night and into the cold, winter jaws of danger!

Episode 129: H.3 – Take a Drink

Deeper details of the warband emerge as battle nears. Will encounters with unexpected enemies and uneasy allies spell defeat for the marauders?

Episode 128: H.3 – Autopsy of a Warband

Circumstances dictate that the party protects their life by embracing undeath. A once-ancient, at least in thought, warband is formed with Zanatari at the lead.

Episode 127: H.3 – A Pain in the Assassin

The party deals with the gruesome assassin and even manage to make some discoveries along the way.