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Episode 135: H.3 – Zig a zig Ahhh-kward

We retreat to the forest's edge after our encounter with the dragon and meet an unexpected stranger who brings news of Zanatari's home. Tensions with Thorn and Zanitari come to a head as feelings are confessed.

Episode 134: H.3 – The Mullet

In the Dungeon Master's opinion, the action and adventure was all up front while the party was in the back fleeing from the green dragon. Conversation, not cowardice wound up carrying the day as the party moved back towards the Ziggurat.

Episode 133: H.3 – Hello Pretty

We meet up with the Dragon and encounter some fun obstacles in the forest.

Episode 132: H.3 – All’s Calm…. and Pretty….

The party establishes camp and fall into normal patterns of restful dysfunction. However, besides an unexpected air delivery for Zanatari, something in the forest finds them mighty, mighty interesting.