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Episode 139: H.3 – Jet Lagged Snakes. Why Did it Have to be Snakes?

The party arrives back in Winterhaven only to head back out in search of the nearby druids as another set of problems slither out from under this rock... and that rock... and oh look, that rock over there....

Episode 138: H.3 – Silver, Jade and Dread

The party investigates their items which were disturbed and find that they are not alone. All are left wondering if the entity behind this is benevolent or toying with its prey as the party begins their journey back to Winterhaven.

Episode 137: H.3 – Talk in a Tempestuous Teacup

Ryan Allgood (playing Corvis) joins us for his final episode where he, Thorn and Sezzur question and discuss the various roads Zanatari has found before her. The party remains in the windy camp and soon their attention returns to finding the source of the weather when they and their items appear to be disturbed.

Episode 136: H.3 – Tough Love

Ryan Allgood (playing Corvis) joins us for another episode where he stirs the pot with Thorn. Sezzur shoots The Most Ultimate Threat ever to face the party when something stirs in the nearby tree-line.