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Episode 145: H.3 – Dig Dug Drow

Zanatari and Sezzur spend some time solving the personal mystery of the mine tunnel in Winterhaven. In a way, they also uncomfortably realize that Winterhaven has also become their growing child.

Episode 144: H.3 – Mayoral Moles

Sezzur has a sudden desire to rise to higher office in Winterhaven, only to find his campaign already being undermined.

Episode 143: H.3 – The Medusa and the Stone Guild Hall

Tinzien takes a few minutes in this extra long episode to go over some out of character campaign information before Sezzur and Zanatari handle the issue of the medusa and The Green Dragon Empire. Afterwards the weary party realizes they have not explored Winterhaven as much as they have wanted to. The oddities they encounter only serve to remind all that the Time Tower remains as nebulus and fickle as always.