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Episode 164: H.4 – Meddlesome Green and Guards

Some things go bump in the night, other things shake reality by the scruff of its neck.

Episode 163: H.4 – Reindoctrinate

Mydthryn is brought uncomfortably up to speed with what has been happening of late with the party and gets to quasi-meet The Green Dragon. News of a dire sort, is there really any other kind with this group, is received that causes the party to get moving with haste.

Episode 165: H.4 – Debris Before the Storm

The party rides hard to join the conflict with a holy storm at their backs and a number of odd followers gathering at their side.

Episode 162: H.4 – Vittles

The discovery that what is food for one sort of creature is a requirement for life in another creature causes the party to beat a hasty retreat from the lizardman warren. On the plus side, a soon familar face makes a return to the traveling company.